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Recent Work

  • Lead porting initial build from Phaser web game engine to Unity

  • Lead systems engineering including data serialization, scene architecture, localization, settings, and others

  • Developed debug tooling within Unity to assist in iteration time, navigation, and state modification

  • Designed and lead implementation on several gameplay mechanics and levels

  • Worked with Raw Fury's internal studio to port the game to Xbox & Playstation platforms

  • Utilized Unity's new Localization package to develop custom localization management tooling

  • Architected and developed a custom localization pipeline for the Ink narrative scripting language

  • Implemented the loc tools into the game, wired to a lockit managed online

  • Collaboration project with Bose, utilizing BoseAR hardware (glasses) to deliver a terrifying haunted house escape experience

  • Integrated sensor data from the experimental BoseAR SDK and programmed gameplay around it

  • Chosen to travel to PAX West to demo the game at Bose's booth

  • No longer maintained

Gatorade One Handed Caaaaatch
  • Lead development in Phaser on the core game, receiving assets from an outside agency

  • Utilized AWS web hosting to integrate the game with a Snapchat advertisement and host a leaderboard

  • Worked with multiple agencies on feedback and iteration to rapidly develop the project for a quick turnaround

  • No longer hosted

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